How do our votes work?

In order for you to see the voting in the top matches of the day, you need to register. Great! After you have registered, go to the top matches and you will see a list of available matches for voting.

What are voices?

This is our internal system that allows us to vote. You can vote as many times as you want per day, but only for the top matches that are on the list.

Where can I see my voting results?

You have it in your account, we show how many votes did you win and what is received.

What will I get for these votes?

Once a month, sometimes a week, you can brag to your friends about what a cool betterer you are!

Wow! Cool, then I ran to vote!

Remember, young Jedi, approach everything with a cold and calculating head. Look at our statistics and change your fate, may the great Analytics come with you.